Summit for the Summit

Who’s going to join the team?! Cody is challenging EVERYONE to go to the top of the tallest point near them…whether it’s a mountain, a hill, or even to the top of the tallest nearby building!

We’re doing this to raise awareness on SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being and to raise funds needed for the upcoming Global Summit 2.0: Driving Action and Impact for the #SDGs!

It can feel lonely when you’re at the top of the world…meet Cody up there! Be sure to take photos and share them on social media with the hashtag #summit4thesummit

MUN Impact’s first global summit was an astounding success with over 1800 virtual attendees representing over 100 countries. What had, in the past, been held as in-person conferences were transformed into a three-day Zoom conference with young people tuning in via computer, tablets, and cell phones! These student ambassadors interacted with one another to work toward understanding each other and finding ways to solve these issues, together.

In October, MUN Impact will host its Global Summit 2.0: Driving Action & Impact for the SDGs. It will include three exciting focus areas: 1. Inspiring students to take action and transform the theoretical into the practical, 2. Helping students develop their ideas for initiatives they can undertake in their communities, and 3. The Dolphin Pool where students can pitch their initiatives to experts in social innovation.

When you donate to MUN Impact, you are helping and encouraging the young people of MUN Impact to engage with their communities, their countries, and their world through meaningful interactions with like-minded youth.

“The MUN Impact Global Summit was an amazing experience! I thoroughly enjoyed all the incredible presenters as well as the diversity of each session. It was a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world and learn about the SDGs. Thank you MUN Impact and everyone involved for organizing the 2020 Summit! Cannot wait for the next one!”

-Serwaa, Canada