october, 2020

23oct12:0013:00Event OverVirtual EventHarnessing the power of small daily activities with EnRouteAngela Busheska12:00 - 13:00 UTC Event Type :Day 1,MUN Impact Global Summit 2.0,Session 1 Event TagsDay 1,SDG 11,SDG 12,SDG13,Session 1

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When our house is burning, we all endeavor to extinguish the fire. The same must be with our planet. That is why, we will learn to harness the power of small activities to save CO2 emissions through arranging multiple trips into one complex chain, learning how to ‘invest’ our money in buying sustainable food and clothes, establishing an eco-household without buying an electrical car or solar panels, sharing knowledge and motivation with the help of my project and mobile-application “EnRoute”. As one of our pillars is building a strong community worldwide, participants would be able to join as ambassadors, translating and tailoring the project to their local languages and surroundings, to make sure every person gets the ability to be a climate hero the planet deserves.


On the road between Macedonia and the USA, I am a social entrepreneur, vivid public speaker, and aspiring Lafayette College engineering student who decided to challenge the status quo. Founder of MUN at YKC Struga, SDG’s enthusiast working with Global Changemakers and a GCY fellow at Oxfam America. My name is Angela Busheska, and I have a dream to create a world of inspired youth that will make Earth a better place to live in!nd I am a second-year IB student from Cairo, Egypt. I have been doing MUN for five years and have always been passionate about working toward the UN SDGs. I serve as a diplomat for the MENA region as well as the mentor for MUN@home at MUNImpact.


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(Friday) 12:00 - 13:00 UTC


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